Ninety Plus College ID Camps

About Us | The 90+ Identification Camp Experience


The objective of the 90+ Identification Camp is to provide a thorough recruitment experience by exposure to knowledgeable college coaches and by confidently placing all campers in the best settings for them to learn and enable exposure.

90+ Identification Camps achieve this objective by the following:

Fostering A More Personal Experience For Campers: We limit participants to no more than 90 so that we can maintain a low coach to player ratio.

Conducting A Quality College Advisement Session: We take this very seriously and offer a highly informative session to clarify the recruitment process for the campers so that they can have a better approach and success in the process. We will also touch on subjects like financial advising, as well as requirements regarding athletic eligibility and financial aid awards. This includes a Q & A between coaches and players. Parents are encouraged to help their children construct questions for this.

Hosting In Geographically Convenient Locations: In order to make identification more attainable for all players, we have chosen to host in various locations and bring the coaches to the players in those areas, instead of players traveling to one or two sites. 

Players advance their objectives through “LEAD”- Learning, Exposure, Advisement, and Direction

Learning during sessions with our college staff.

Campers will have exposure to colleges working at each Identification Event. We will invite others to recruit as our events are open for all to attend.

Advisement:  The recruiting process, eligibility, financial aid, scholarships, character, and much more.

Direction: Campers will receive an evaluation from their group coach to help guide them to improve as a player and college candidate.

Why the Plus in 90+ ?

We see the value in doing extra for the future collegiate athlete; hence, we make Camps geographically convenient and create an environment for players to interact with multiple college coaches while testing their technical and tactical skills in a competitive environment.